SuperGlide Band is about rock music.. oldies, hot country, classic, alternative & grunge.. with a Harley Biker theme..

Douggie has been an active music fan his whole life.. and Harley rider for over 30 years...

He started taking music lessons from Dallas School of Music about 12 years ago..  

About 5 years ago.. and after plenty of loose jams around town...he was ready to be in a band.. he reached out and found found an old pro.. and they started in the garage..   

They started playing together.. and looking for the missing pieces..

After several drummers, we found Charlie.. he knows how to play drums.. dynamics... and great vocals.. 

Next we found Jazz.. a GREAT guitarist from New York city.. the funnest & nicest guy you can meet.. 

Last piece of the puzzle.. and our newest addition... our bass player.. Jim... and only a couple miles away!  He has been playing around Dallas for many years.. and it shows.. Jim can play.. .

We are playing regularly at Bars, Clubs, Festivals & Private events.. we keep our current events posted on this site.. on the 'events' page.. (band calendar).. come on out.. have some fun.. & Rock with us!

We are also on Facebook, Bandmix & Reverbnation.. 

See ya soon!